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Project Management Services

Condominium Project Management Services

Every firm should develop a business interruption/disaster recovery plan as a protective measure to address significant damage to the facility . In cases where a business location is severely damaged through flood or fire, or where terrorism may prevent access to an office for an extended period of time or permanently, firms should be prepared to implement alternative plans to continue their businesses.

Project Control Group, Inc. offers clients a fee-based yearly service that begins with the identification of all critical staff, systems and equipment necessary to maintain operations, the development of an off-site relocation strategy and a web-based centralized access to all critical corporate databases. The service includes two yearly “maintenance” checks to update staff, plans and strategies.

Our strategic partners in this initiative are industry professionals who have the capacity to analyze current leases and insurance policies, document and maintain current architectural/engineering plans and technology/security infrastructure for reconstruction and provide an emergency response team to support firms in crisis with a single phone call. Emergency preparedness is a key goal of every large corporation. However, often small corporations do not have the staff to plan this proactive approach. Project Control Group, Inc. and its partners bring this experience to every firm that wants to protect its assets and business continuity.

Real Estate market conditions and business cycles often dictate the need for clients to move quickly into the project process. Where standard project schedules would mandate a two month requirement to establish the project team, Project Control Group offers a quick start methodology utilizing specific joint venture partners in the architectural, engineering, technology, security, furniture, relocation and construction fields.

The creation of a joint venture team streamlines the early stages of a project, utilizing existing synergies between firms that have successfully worked together with Project Control Group staff. These synergies allow the project to move forward with increased speed and provide an opportunity to perform early budgeting, scheduling, confirmation of available construction materials and vendor inventory for pre-purchase and availability of manpower resources within each trade group.

The client maintains a direct contractual and payment relationship with each joint venture firm. In order to competitively price these services, we apply industry standard parameters based on the overall scope of work when discussing individual fee structures with each firm. The client then has the opportunity to review all services proposals prior to approval of the project team.

Should your firm require this approach to the project, we are prepared to introduce and manage this fully coordinated project team.

  • Provide a single source of responsibility for all project activities
  • Participate in the macro planning and logistics analysis process – model alternative strategies to accommodate various expansion projections
  • Proactive budgeting and scheduling capability enables the tenant to evaluate the viability of potential sites
  • In-depth review of lease terms and conditions provides an important construction and operations perspective in the real estate broker’s review process
  • Extensive experience in developing the project consulting team provides a cohesive design implementation effort
  • Value Engineering experience reduces project costs through an interactive process with the design team and through recommendations for direct purchase opportunities
  • Proactive Request for Proposal process yields defined vendor services at competitive rates
  • Current experience in the negotiation of construction management contracts minimizes fees and general conditions costs
  • Current experience in the management of the subcontractor bid process eliminates collusion opportunities and minimizes project costs
  • Daily on-site presence insures the timely completion of construction work and minimizes change orders
  • Daily financial management, monthly financial reporting and real-time scheduling provides Senior Management with an ongoing status of the project
  • Central coordination for the relocation of personnel insures a smooth transition and efficient reactivation of the new facility
  • Detailed documentation provides an audit trail for all project activities