Every firm should develop a business interruption/disaster recovery plan as a protective measure to address significant damage to the facility . In cases where a business location is severely damaged through flood or fire, or where terrorism may prevent access to an office for an extended period of time or permanently, firms should be prepared to implement alternative plans to continue their businesses.

Project Control Group, Inc. offers clients a fee-based yearly service that begins with the identification of all critical staff, systems and equipment necessary to maintain operations, the development of an off-site relocation strategy and a web-based centralized access to all critical corporate databases. The service includes two yearly “maintenance” checks to update staff, plans and strategies.

Our strategic partners in this initiative are industry professionals who have the capacity to analyze current leases and insurance policies, document and maintain current architectural/engineering plans and technology/security infrastructure for reconstruction and provide an emergency response team to support firms in crisis with a single phone call. Emergency preparedness is a key goal of every large corporation. However, often small corporations do not have the staff to plan this proactive approach. Project Control Group, Inc. and its partners bring this experience to every firm that wants to protect its assets and business continuity.