During the early stages of site evaluation, lease negotiation, programming and schematic design, the establishment of a conceptual budget allows the client to evaluate the extent of design and construction that will be attainable within the financial constraints of a proposed work letter. Performing the analysis at this point also allows the client to consider incremental benefits derived from contributing additional capital to the construction initiative. This input is critical to the project architect, as it determines the direction and depth of the design. By working closely with the client and the architect, we will analyze all data and provide a detailed evaluation of design alternatives based on our unit price database and our historical knowledge of pricing. The construction portion of the budget represents only a part of the total financial exposure within the project. Our pre-construction budget will include estimates for construction, technology, security, relocation, consulting, landlord charges and direct purchase costs such as furniture, carpeting and artwork. The completion of this analysis provides the client with a broad understanding of all financial issues.