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Project Control Group, Inc. is a collaboration of client-oriented professionals providing project management support to corporations undergoing significant facilities migrations and to developers converting properties for commercial and residential use.

Project Control Group, Inc. clients include financial institutions, law firms, retail, insurance, advertising, cosmetics, automotive and governmental agencies, as well as real estate development firms and landlords. Our clients cover a broad spectrum of environments and capital improvements. The key to our success is in keeping the number of active projects in the firm sized to maximize our effectiveness as project managers. In this way we can best support each construction project and client.

  1. Selection of the project team.
  2. Initial budget parameters are established.
  3. Value engineering is performed.
  4. Bid is released.
  5. Bid Award Process.
  6. Ongoing Management of Project.
  7. Migration plan is developed.
  8. Relocation of personnel.
  9. Close-out of contracts.


  Evan B. Schneider, President


Evan Schneider established Project Control Group in 1991 after a successful eighteen year corporate career working in the facilities departments of Citicorp, First Boston and Salomon Brothers. His project management assignments include over five million square feet of commercial interiors, retail and real estate development projects across the tri-state area, Chicago, San Francisco and Canada. Whether leading the project team for a tenant or a developer, proactive management of the project budget through value engineering assessment and the establishment and maintenance of a detailed schedule is pivotal to his success. Mr. Schneider's close working relationship with each client and their support staff provides critical integration of external and internal efforts to plan a fully functional facility that meets every program requirement within each individual corporate culture.

The principals of most project management firms focus the majority of their time on marketing while their PM staff manage projects. Mr. Schneider has chosen to be the primary project manager for Project Control Group, taking the active lead role in order to bring over 38 years of experience to every assignment. Working with his professional staff, he co-manages all client initiatives, ensuring the success of every project.

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